Top 5 Pieces of Outdoor Art to Spruce Up Your Patio

Have you taken a good look at your patio and finally realized that you are really not putting this space to good use? Your deck or patio should essentially be an extension of your home, and with the right outdoor décor, it can be. Here at Outdoor Art Pros, we have all the right pieces that will make this space as inviting, comfortable and memorable as the rest of your home.

  • Outdoor Fountains – If you don’t have an outdoor fountain, now is the time to get one. The great thing about water features is that you don’t have to settle for only one. You can add a floor fountain to your patio, a tier water feature to your landscaping and then nestle a small solar fountain in your garden or flower bed. They are beautiful, soothing, can drown out noise from your neighbors and they help create a tranquil space.

  • Outdoor Rugs – Do you have a rug on your patio? The small mat in front of your door to wipe your shoes off on does not count! A nice area rug would look lovely under your patio furniture while a runner will keep your dog’s paw pads from burning when he has to walk from the door to the grass. This means it will keep your toes from feeling the hot sting when you forget to slip shoes on too!

  • Bonsai Trees – Some people are under the impression that bonsai trees are only meant to be grown indoors. Well, they are trees after all! Here at Outdoor Art Pros, we have a beautiful selection of bonsai trees that are meant to grow outdoors. We also carry all the accessories that you need to get started as well.

  • Canvas Art and Statuary – Similar to the inside of your home, a few artistic pieces can take your decorating to another level. We offer floral, tropical, landscape, rivers, wildlife and architectural canvas art to complement any space. We also have birdbaths, statues, pedestals and planters for on and around the patio.

  • Outdoor Fireplaces – An outdoor space is not complete without some type of fire pit, fireplace or chiminea. Whether you enjoy your patio alone or invite over a few guests, the fire will keep you nice and toasty once the sun goes down. Not to mention, it adds appropriate ambiance to the evening. For you, it can be relaxing, as a couple it is romantic and with a larger gathering, a fire can help liven up the party.

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Here at Outdoor Art Pros, we believe that your deck or patio should be decorated as beautifully and thoughtfully as the interior of your home. Many people toss a little furniture out there and that is it because they either are not aware that so many outdoor décor items are available, or they assume that they are expensive. We take great pride in the selection that we have to offer and maintain strong relationships with brands to be able to provide the best pricing possible.



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An outdoor patio can be a relaxing addition or socializing mecca or both. Depending on the intended use for the patio, its décor should give off the desired vibes to truly transform the space from boring and uninviting to fabulous and functional. There are many features that can be used to decorate an outdoor patio to liven up the area, create a place for relaxation or be the talk of the neighborhood during the next barbecue.

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